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x_The_sex_x's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Dec 2006|10:40am]

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Stamped//Leaving [26 Jul 2006|10:10pm]

Hey everyone, I am so sorry, I know I haven't been a member long, and I posted about a week Hiatus about 5 weeks ago. I love the community but life is just consuing too much of me right now, so I am leaving all my communities, hopefully I'll be able to reapply again in the fall. Sorry again, you are all wonderful, and I do hope I can come back.
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stamped//leaving [14 Jul 2006|09:55am]

This place died and kristie's journal is deleted...so I'm leaving.
This used to be a good community so that sucks, but I'm in too many communities anyways.
If it ever gets back up and running I might come back, adios!
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[12 Jul 2006|08:00pm]

I am finally back from hiatus, my computer got fixed!
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[28 Jun 2006|02:22pm]
PromoCollapse )
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stamped:: Hiatus [24 Jun 2006|09:48am]

2 weeks vacation time coming up now.. NY here I come!
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[23 Jun 2006|11:09am]


i've decided to leave some communities. sorry!
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stamped//hiatus [19 Jun 2006|12:07am]

My computer got a virus & I can barely get it to work. I'm taking it in to get it fixed tomorrow & I don't know how long I'll be without a computer, so I'm on hiatus until further notice!
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stewie [17 Jun 2006|12:35pm]

applicationCollapse )
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stamped//pictures from my trip to the beach [15 Jun 2006|05:18pm]

I went to the Beach the past few days...lots of pictures!Collapse )
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Stamped//Hiatus [11 Jun 2006|09:25pm]

Hey everyone, everytihng with shcool is really hectic, so I will be tkaing a two week hiatus-I'll be back the 25th.
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Mod//Home [11 Jun 2006|03:04pm]

Okay biatches.

I am Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Expect some pictures, an update, and me doing the activities and such soon!

PS. My PC is still shit.
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[10 Jun 2006|02:19am]

"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets."
Post a secret.

A funny one, a serious one, a happy one, a sad one, a family recipe...anything. Comment as many times as you'd like, with as many secrets as you'd like, just so long as you do it anonymously. It's nice to know you're not alone. I'll contribute too, and I'll put links elsewhere so that those who don't have LiveJournal and those who aren't my friends can contribute. It's a good way to release a secret. IPs are not being logged and there is no way that it can be traced back to you. I'm keeping links for this open everywhere forever, so that anyone can come back here and re-read secrets to feel better, or post a new one that they need to get off their chest.

Inspired by: Postsecret.com

Posted on my journal and thought I would share it with this community
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Football Head (hey arnold) [10 Jun 2006|01:46am]

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co-mod[promo] [08 Jun 2006|06:16pm]

neat community, that is just re-starting. please join.
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stamped//daily theme [07 Jun 2006|05:31pm]

this makes me say what?!Collapse )
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Daily Theme [07 Jun 2006|05:12pm]

I think this is just messed up.

God bless the men and women in armsCollapse )
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co-mod// [05 Jun 2006|11:54pm]

I wont be able to be as active. My PC has been fucking up. IDK what is wrong with it. I will try to update when I can and stuff. Love you guys!
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Co-Mod//Daily Discussion [05 Jun 2006|01:40pm]

What is your favorite childhood story (little red riding hood, etc)?
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I have just one question [02 Jun 2006|04:40pm]

So I loved back on the Drama App and I wanted to know something. You guys got on her bad about her smoking and drinking.... does that mean you have a problem with me?
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